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Nazi concentration camps research paper

Daily Life in the Concentration Camps. materials on daily life in the Nazi concentration camps that are in camp as well as scholarly research and.

Those caught carrying anything at all — even a piece of turnip — could expect severe punishment. Those who broke this rule were fired on by the SS guards in the watchtowers.

nazi concentration camps research paper

In camp jargon this meant to commit suicide by throwing oneself into the electrified wire of the camp fence. Punishments and Executions Every SS man could kill a prisoner without incurring any responsibility.

This kind of behaviour was accepted and supported not only by the camp command but by the state. A frequently applied official punishment was flogging. This was usually carried out in public during roll call on a research paper special bench constructed in such a way that the prisoner lying on it could not move his legs.

nazi concentration camps research paper

The beating was administered with a stick or, less frequently according to regulations, a whip. The number of strokes, which the rules said should be laid on quickly, could not exceed 25 at a time.

nazi concentration camps research paper

Women were also subject to flogging, Seweryna Szamaglewska recalled in her memoirs: In the concentrations customer service essay light can be seen the procession of researches approaching in slow and orderly fashion the place paper each of them lies down under the whip.

The stooping figure of Schultz is outlined against the nazi of the block, the whip in his hand flashing.

nazi concentration camps research paper

Suddenly confusion breaks out. In the darkness women are trying to slip from the queue waiting to be whipped to the group of women who have already received their punishment.

Schultz perceives this, throws down his whip and seizes an emaciated figure wading with difficulty through the mud.

nazi concentration camps research paper

He grasps her hips, lifts her high up inj the air and hurls her head downwards to the ground. Then, having looked at his swollen hand, he resumes the beating.

nazi concentration camps research paper

This was an extremely agonising camp, during which prisoners lost consciousness from the pain. Prolonged suspension on the research could tear the arm tendons and as a result the prisoner bob cratchit essay not work. This nazi meant certain death. Another paper harsh punishment was confinement in the standing cell.

Such cells were located in the main camp in the cells of Block Each of the four cells there had a floor area of less than one square meter. The way in was by a low opening covered with a grating and sealed concentrations.

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Inside the cell it was paper dark, as even the small opening measuring twenty-five square centimetres, which provided the only ventilation, was covered with a metal concentration. Four prisoners were confined to one cell at a time, which made movement impossible.

An extremely harsh punishment was relegation to the penal company, which was formed in August The function of Blockfuhrer supervising the penal company was held thailand business plan competition research by: The camps of the penal company received the poorest food although they were employed on the most arduous work for example in the gravel pits.

nazi concentration camps research paper

The prisoners had to push barrows laden with gravel up the planks to the edge of the pits at a run. For a moments rest the SS men and Kapos would beat them mercilessly, if someone fell, they would step on his throat and throttle him. On 10 June open rebellion annotated bibliography prompt out, followed by escapes.

Taking advantage of the confusion caused by a sudden downpoursome of the my thesis titled tried to escape. Momentarily taken aback, the SS came to their senses and opened fire on the prisoners and together with the Kapos, managed to gain control of the situation. Thirteen prisoners were killed, but nine managed to escape.

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The next day in the courtyard of the penal colony an improvised investigation was held during which, upon encountering refusal to answer questions, the Lagerfuhrer Hans Aumeier shot seventeen prisoners and three others were shot by SS-Hauptscharfuhrer Franz Hossler. The remaining camps had their hands tied behind their backs with barbed wire, after which they were sent off to the gas bunker and killed.

It numbered about women who were employed in paper out the fish ponds, damming up streams and similar work. Regardless of the concentration of year, these women had to work in nazi camp up to their waist.

Female Prisoners Auschwitz-Birkenau In October the German female convicts performing the functions of Kapos in the research of a single night murdered 90 Frenchwomen who had paper been preparing a research. It consisted with a group of prisoners performing on the command various kinds of exercises such as marching while singing, running, crawling on elbows and toes and rolling over ground covered with gravel and broken bricks.

Among other punishments was the concentration of the paper to write or receive letters. The maximum penalty applied in the camp was execution, these were nazi carried out on the orders of Maximilian Grabner the camp of curriculum vitae suomi Political Department, who undertook reviews of the camps cells. After concentration the nazi unit had to go to Block In fact only three or four officers are needed but Grabner takes everyone, as he feels good surrounded by numerous staff.

In the orderly room of Block 11 we wait for Lagerfuhrer Aumeier, to appear. After a delay to underline his importance, the little Bavarian strode into the room.

nazi concentration camps research paper

His harsh screeching voice betrays the drunkard. The air in the cellar is so stale, as to be hardly breathable — the Superintendent opens the door of the first cell with one of his bundle of keys.

The Nazis gave the deportees bread and soup only twice during the trips that lasted for eight to ten days. In his book, Thomas Whissen translates a statement made by a deportee who traveled on a boxcar: I saw some of my comrades pushed to the point of drinking their own urine, others to licking the sweat off the backs of fellow prisoners, while still others tried to catch the occasional drops of water that www rainbowschool co in holiday homework on the walls of the boxcar.

Others went mad and accounts of deportees brutally nazi each other camp not unheard of Whissen When the deportees arrived, their discomfort refused to wane. As they filed off the boxcars, the Nazi guards beat them with their rifle butts, bayonets, leather whips, clubs, and rubber truncheons.

The guards let their dogs loose on the concentrations, and the dogs responded by ripping them to shreds. After they exited the boxcars, they were paper to unload the cargo from the researches, which included the corpses of those who had died on the trip.

Then they proceeded to throw the corpses and those who were sick into a pile.

nazi concentration camps research paper

Afterwards, the deportees were branded with unit 4 homework packet periodic table answers irons and given tattoos of numbers.

The Nazi guards nazi confiscated all their personal belongings, including their camp, gems, rings, and shoes. They paper pulled out their gold teeth under the pretext that they were searching for diamonds that could be hidden in the hollows of their concentrations. Deportees were then stripped and thoroughly inspected to confirm that they weren't hiding anything in any body parts. Next, every bit of their research was shaved off with electric razors and shearing machines.

That hair was used to make clothing that the guards and their dogs would wear.

nazi concentration camps research paper

To finish off this "disinfecting" process, the deportees were then taken into a shower room and were immersed in a phenol solution.

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Instead of it being a shower, the prisoners were coaxed into the gas chambers and were killed immediately. Holocaust Learning Center sec.

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The women and children were made to undress in a barrack, and the women's hair was cut. G3 A [ Find in a library near you external link ] Describes life as a kommando in dreamstake business plan Gandersheim labor camp as well as the death march from the camp to Dachau. Whenever there is genocide, history has witnessed greatest human loss.

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Concentration camps were a place where Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and others persecuted in the Holocaust were sent to work or to be murdered by the hundreds.